Swipe Left Swipe Right | Dating Apps Ruining Relationships


In this day in age, a lot of you are swiping for love in the wrong places such as tinder or bumble. I decided to share my experience with some practices to find that connection you keep swiping for.

In order to find the girl or guy of your dreams, it is important to become involved with activities that you are passionate about. I know this because, my current girlfriend and I, are both a part of Rotaract.

We met over the summer of 2017 and started dating in December 2017. Every two weeks we have meetings in which you start to see the same familiar faces and build relationships with them.

Before each meeting, we have about 30 minutes of networking where my soon to be girlfriend and I found out we were both going to Asheville, NC on the same weekend!  When we both returned from our trips, she asked me how my trip was and we discussed our experiences. This transitioned into us going out for dinner to talk about our trips and eventually turned into the relationship we have now.

Swiping on social media apps is a game of cat and mouse. If you truly want to find someone that you will have a connection with, it is going to take time.

My now-former girlfriend and I knew each other for about 6 months before even going out. This gives someone the chance to get to know you as a person, uncover if there are similar interests, and see if there is anything to expand upon.

So if you find yourself going out on a date after date and getting negative results……try joining an organization that you are passionate about and eventually someone will come along that truly catches your attention from a physical and emotional point of view!

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, CRPC©, EA